Friday, December 16, 2011

Topanga children create a village of Grumpi ladies

We were so excited to receive such beautifully responsive work from far across the oceans. Sandy Savas runs art classes out of her home in a small town called Topanga in the mountains of California, a stones throw from the sea. 

Hallelujah, age 7
'My home is my studio.  I teach out of my back yard, living room, kitchen and dining room.  I keep my classes small - no more then 8 students and they are with me for 3 hours in the day.  Everyday, they go home with an incredible art project.  We do all types of arts and crafts.  I like to say "everything from feathers to cement".   We paint a lot.  So when I found your web-site and saw Grumpi, I knew they had to do her.  She is beautiful.' Sandy

Lilly Blue, age 41

'Grumpilotta gives up the sorrows from her skirts for
the stars to burn as fuel to flame
the sky' Jo Pollitt, age 38

Grumpilotta is a grumpy girl who is really kind. She tells stories to small children and tells them it's ok to be grumpy sometimes, that doesn't mean that you are a mean person. The children have fun listening to Grumpilotta's stories and always look forward to more. Kylie, age 7

I call her Grumpolina.  Her real name is Grumpilotta. I was in my art class with five other girls and my teacher Sandy.  We sat down and she told us a story about Grumpilotta. Grumpillotta is a grumpy lady who is actually very nice.  She tells children wonderful stories.  If I met Grumpilotta she would say, “Hello little one.  Would you like me to tell you a story? I would curtsy and say, “Yes, please.  Thank you for asking.”She might look down at me and say “Are you always so kind?” “Well, I try.” She would smile at me and say, “Trying is good enough.”  SummerAnne, age 8                                                                      

Gaelyn, age 4
Mackenzie, age 4

My Grumpilotta is grumpy because a bird is sitting on her heard.  It won't get off even when she says "shoo!"  It's ok to be grumpy with a bird on your head. Zara, age 4


  1. More great stuff! In the interest of bringing more readers to your wonderful blog, I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. Congrats! Click here for more details.

  2. Love the colours - so vivid! You must feel so proud, Lilly, to have inspired such amazing young artists!


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