Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Treasure Maps - Side by Side

Side by Side is an ongoing curated exhibition of creative work by children and artists. The format is simple and visual with the impact coming from the two works being viewed simultaneously.  In profiling the work of kids and artists side by side we are disrupting traditional hierarchies of viewing art to provoke new and relevant ways of seeing for both kids and adults.  Ideally the work is experienced without explanation or critique from us so that open-ended stories might be revealed and each viewer, young and old, can explore their own responses and perspectives.  You and your child might like to create your own work in response to the images and then hang a Side by Side exhibition on your home walls. We would love to see working photos or images of your lounge room and fridge door galleries so feel free to send them in or post pics to our facebook page

Melbourne artist Jessica Dib-Newberry and Satchel, age 5, from the USA are the first to be featured in our Treasure Maps edition of the BIG 'Side by Side' gallery. 

Jessica Dib-Newbery
'Treasure Map'
Satchel, age 5

If you or your children are interested in participating in this project and would like your art work to be considered for the real printed pages of BIG Kids Magazine fill out the submission form and send high resolution print ready treasure to by January 30th or sooner!

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