Monday, January 30, 2012

A BIG smile from Moscow to here and back

"It is so so strange...we are sitting here in the middle of the winter (-20 Degrees Celsius outside) with 63 pages of beauty from another continent in our hands. We even couldn't imagine distance which he has overcome. It is impossible to measure it with the cycling walk... How many elephants and whales should join hands to get the distance from Moscow to Australia?

Oh! The Big Kids Magazine, we enjoy every story, every picture and letter and every spot of colour on it's pages.

The Big Kids Magazine looks so much like us that it seems to us that we  saw it in a dream...or that you, Lilly and Jo invented us."

We have a little bit fallen in love with two creatives living on the Island of the Blue Sun in Russia, Ilya and Margarita (and baby Zoe), known as Zilasaule. They are very special BIG contributors and we cannot wait to share their work with you in the Treasure Maps edition and beyond. Their response to seeing BIG kids Magazine was so beautiful we had to share some of it here. It is these connections and moments that make the late-night work of magazine-making fill with renewed rigour and easy endurance. Thank you xx

We are Ilya and Margarita(or Zilasaule). We collaborate since 2005 on illustration and book design. We use different colors, pencils, photo-cameras, computers and other objects during the process depending on their suitability for defined aims. The style weaves itself with text into organic piece in every our book".


  1. The biggest smile ever from here to Moscow and back :)

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  2. I've been following these guys' art for a long time, and there's something very sweet and beguiling about it. It hits the heartstrings frequently. So yay that they're working with you - so worth it!


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