Monday, January 2, 2012

Treasure Boats collaboration with lilla a

We are very excited about our first ever BIG collaborative call out with 
Follow the invitation and sail your Treasure Boats 
in an ocean fleet around the world:

We are thrilled to announce the BIG Treasure Boats Exhibition in partnerSHIP with Lilla a.  

To join the Lilla a/BIG sail, follow the call for entries and send in your stories mapped with curiosity and  boats built with treasure. We are looking for an ocean fleet of brave, imaginative and generous Treasure Boats sailing on uncharted maps of discovery and will be printing the exhibition in the upcoming TREASURE MAPS edition of BIG Kids Magazine. 

BIG Kids Magazine is a creative arts magazine that publishes the work of children and artists side by side.  The Treasure Boats Exhibition is a feature of our wider invitation for creative contributions of Treasure Maps from around the world. We invite you all to join us as treasure seekers looking to chart unexpected maps of the imagination! 

Jo and Lilly and the BIG Kids team

How great is that! Here is the theme:
Have you ever found a treasure? Where? In the forest or in your pocket? What is a treasure? Is it shiny and golden, or is it a collection of the finest sticks? Make a boat for your treasure hunt. Use a milk or juice carton for the body of the ship, and build the rest of the ship of your found treasures. Decorate with your treasures or just let them sail onboard. Does you boat have sails or a is it a motorboat?
Find your parts to build with on a nature walk or around the house! Take a picture of your Treasure Boat on a neutral, uncluttered background preferably in good daylight. Send the picture to

The Treasure Boats Exhibition is open for all children, with a little help from their parents.

To enter:
1. Photo of the Treasure Boat on a neutral, uncluttered background preferably in good daylight
2. A short story with the kids own words about the boat and it´s treasures. Max. 40 words in English.
3. City and country where the boat sails from.
4. Name and age of participant, blog adress (if you have one). 

Send it to Deadline for entries is January 20th.

More info about the opening and publishing of the exhibition later. We hope to see both old and new participants! BIG Kids Magazine and I am looking forward to Your contributions. Have fun - I am so excited! 


  1. We're very excited about treasure maps and pirate ships- the whole family are creating. I am new to your blog (discovered via Lila-a)Thanks for the inspiration. xxCorrina

  2. Hello! This is awesome! Thank you so much for this great opportunity; my kids will be very excited! I understand why "a Big fan of turtles"...I appreciate your kind words. Love your blog!

  3. Sounds like a fun contest! I will definitely share this to my friend. She loves boats. Recently, she and her husband just bought some Long Island used boats.


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