Sunday, January 29, 2012

Side by Side: Lucy Engelman and Tejjas

Tejjas, age 5, India 
We are so excited by all of our treasured contributors to this next issue of BIG Kids Magazine, Tejjas, age 5, flies his work from India and Lucy Engelman is a 22 yr old  artist from Illinois. Lucy has created a sister city to the bulls above that will feature in the BIG pages with a response from our BIG Kids editorial team member Pippa as part of the Child artist Response Project. And we can hint that you might see more of Tejjas as well! 

Tomorrow is the final day to submit your maps and treasure. 


  1. Lucy is such a talented artist! Amazing!!! And so is my Little Tejjas :)
    A BIG Thanks!!!

    1. Hi Cheena,
      We love this work side by side! :)

    2. Beautiful.....excellent work Tejas!

  2. Well done Tejjas, very impressive!!


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