Tuesday, January 10, 2012

SIDE by SIDE: Sweet Art and Treat Maps

After seeing the house that daddy built we sent the lovely Jen from The Brothers Trimm an invitation for her boys to respond to the sweet art mastery of their dad with a map of their own treat-art! We love the resulting collaboration and the honest way in which the work was undertaken!  Thanks Jen and boys!

"So.... I tell you, it was quite a challenge getting these guys to entertain the thought of drawing their own lolly map, even with the lure of sweets! 3 and 4 year olds are very impatient these days!! So what we ended up doing to avoid hissy fits and major colour dilemmas was to start them off with a chocolate river and then everyone go for it with any textures they wanted. So out came the glitter glue, markers and crayons and off we went". (Jen).
"The result is our combined effort, our eldest chose to outline the river with glue - 'its the icing', and his brother helped out with the blue corners" (Jen). 
The original river of sweet treats in the making!
Eat your art!
Why don't you try your own sweet art map today and stop the hissy's in their tracks ;) I think we will make a map of blueberries  - trick will be to build the map faster than the two year old can eat it! What would be your treats of choice?

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