Thursday, February 2, 2012

Beyond The Frame - A BIG idea from Art in All of Us

 We greatly admire the vision of Art in All of Us in reaching 100000 children through art activities in schools around the world since its inception in 2005. Founder Anthony Asael instigated the program to promote tolerance and cultural exchange through art to stimulate the creativity and the curiosity of children.

This latest project is the most beautiful response-based idea connecting children from different countries in a visceral and immediate dialogue about the way they see the world around them. Children are given photographs from a particular place (not theirs) and asked to imagine beyond the borders to continue drawing the map past the edges of what is 'seen'. In this way,  a new work of art is created extending the original image and provoking ideas of the continuing links between people and places.

Children working on Beyond the Frame in Brazil

Art in All of Us - Beyond the Frame Beyond the Imagination project: 

Stick a photograph in the middle of a very large sheet of paper. Look carefully at the image and discuss what is in it. What might lie beyond its borders? After discussion, each child in the group can help to draw on the paper, around the image, what the group has agreed lies beyond the frame.


  1. I am very inspired by this idea and am compelled to get an art project like this going at my kids school. Thanks Big! xxCorrina.


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