Sunday, February 26, 2012

A BIG Update: Production weeks

We are mid magazine-making the second BIG edition. Pagination conversations that end at 1am Sydney time have us missing the quick fire responsiveness of working side by side we experienced recently.

SUBSCRIBERS you can expect your magazines to arrive by the first week in April - just in time for school holidays! If all goes according to plan the magazines will be on our stockists shelves on April 2. The pages are currently in design and the fabulous Maree has really embraced our vision for a treasure filled world. While that is in the mix we are already working on the THIRD edition - GAME ON! The theme, a direct request from our senior editor Luca and friends, sees us set to tackle the digital world of screen-time and back it up with a playful dose of knucklebones, paper, scissors, rock and murder in the dark! Our cover artist is award winning and we are beside ourselves at his generosity, experience and imagination.

By the side of the late-night BIG mag-making I am working on a new danced duet that will be performed in March at Venn Gallery in Perth. Production week for the show will madly coincide with the print run of BIG so Lilly will fly to Perth to help manage the BIG mailout (and see the show!). Quiet beast is a collaboration that will amplify dance, sound and text alongside a stunning group exhibition by some incredible artists. If you are in Perth, come and say hi and watch me swing a leg in my 'day-job'!

We have exciting news in announcing that JUMP mentee Emma Fishwick will be working with us on the next edition. Emma is a talented emerging artist in the fields of dance, media and visual arts, and as part of the JUMP programme will be mentored by me in both my capacity as dance artist and magazine-maker. Emma also made the awesome artshoes for our subscription give way (pics coming soon!)

A MAN update:
We have an incredible array of interviews and projects set to be published as part of the MAN series of posts and our website for this project is in the wings. We need another MA (mother artist) to help with this aspect of the project...if anyone is interested in playing a greater role, don't hesitate to get in touch. We have received so many incredible inquiries from around the world and we didn't expect it to hit such a chord with so many. As soon as we get this Treasure to print in a week we will be in MAN mode! Promise :)

If you have not already, please subscribe now or pass on the info to someone you think might like the BIG work. We are so appreciative of your support.

Jo Pollitt and Paea Leach in 'Quiet Beast' Photography by Eva Fernandez

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