Friday, March 30, 2012

Side by Side: Father and Son: Wandermonster

The creative projects we come across in our BIG reach out around the world are quite something. Rob Kimmel is a designer and dad to 8yr old Ben. For years he has been sending a yellow sticky note in Ben's school lunch box with a provocation his son completes each day to surprising end!

We are thrilled to present this truly responsive work and introduce you to Rob's Wandermonster blog which features their daily before and after micro-artworks. In the BIG pages there is the opportunity to complete your own sticky art notes and this page was one of the first senior editor Luca and his brother took their pens to with much hilarity and great discussion.

BIG Kids Magazine Page 23: Wandermonster

Send one in your child's lunch box today with a little pencil attached with blutack for instant schoolyard responses!

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