Sunday, April 22, 2012

Creative Ideas for Contributing to Game On! EDITION 3

The BIG Treasure Maps edition is flying all over the world and now it is time to send in your ideas and artwork for the next (THIRD!) issue of BIG Kids Magazine - Game On! 

This is what's inside my brain when I play
Aimee, age 4, Brisbane
We want to make contributing to BIG Kids Magazine as easy as possible.  Here are the first of some BIG ideas for supporting your kids to understand the process of responding to the theme of Game On! and helping them enter into an open ended creative process in which they are also guided by simple parameters. Feel free to collaborate with them or create your own work Side by Side. 

- What is your favourite game of all time? Close your eyes and imagine playing the game. Imagine winning. Imagine losing. Draw the inside of your brain or heart when you are winning and/or when you are losing.

- Create a brand new game character that no one else has thought of. Does it have a name? What invented game is it from? 

 - Draw/paint/collage/dance/write your response to a character from a game you love - the Horse, Castle or Queen from Chess, a snake from Snakes and Ladders, the 'Chance' man from Monopoly...

- Close your eyes and draw shapes and lines all over a page. Open your eyes and make up the rules of the game you have just drawn. 

- Think of something you would like to learn. Make up a game that would help you learn it. 

- Write a story about the scariest, funniest or cleverest game ever invented. 

The GAME ON! Edition - Play every page
Submissions due by JUNE 1st
If you are an artist or child who wants to register for the Child Artist Response Project (CARP) send and email to with CARP in the subject line


  1. This sounds really cool! I'm an art teacher.. would it be possible to have some of my students create artwork and contribute?

    1. Hi Marcia,
      It is always SO interesting to see how a number of kids/artists respond to the same prompt in their own unique ways and we would absolutely love to receive the work you create together! If you would like some additional info we would be happy to hear from you at
      :) Jo and lilly


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