Friday, April 27, 2012

Dub Leffler shares a secret story in the making!

We think Dub Leffler is one of Australia's most inspired writer/illustrator/artists. A BIG claim indeed! When the wonderful team at Magabala books (the oldest independent Indigenous publishing house in Australia and most remote in the world!) sent us the early release of his book Once There Was a Boy, it was love at first sight. Tha Thump. When senior editor Luca (now age 9!) took it into his class the next day it received rave reviews with his teacher saying it was the best book she had read 'forever'. When Lilly read it to Twyla (age 3) after meeting Dub at the launch in Sydney, her response was  'Hey mum they have different colours on them and they love each other".  It is a book of great beauty and sensitivity and an unforgettable story of love so much needed in the world. Dub was one of thirteen children and is descended from the Bigambul and Mandandanji people of south-west Queensland. After receiving accolades from near and far including the Bologna book fair Dub is busy working on a new book and most wonderfully he contributed an original and responsive version of his secret work in process for the Treasure pages. Shhhhh....

The Magician and the Magical Fish 
The only Photograph of Hans Fanta in existence! by Dub Leffler   

Once, while floating,
Looking down into the sea …

I saw,

Sitting on the sea bed,
A Magical man with a strange hat on his head …
Smiling up at me …

He held in his hands a gold, sparkling fish …
And painted on its scales …
A Treasure Map …

Went the fish and shed all its scales,
And the Magical man let go of its tail!

Darting away, did the fish followed by that
Mystical enchanter …

His name,
The Magician,

Hans …

Hans Fanta.


  1. I am a big fan of Dub Leffler.

    That illustration for his new book is quite hypnotic - thanks for bringing us a sneak peek!!

    1. Us too Emma! I remember being moved enough to write a review of Once There Was a Boy on your fab website :)


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