Friday, July 6, 2012

18th Biennale of Sydney - All Our Relations

Sometimes taking kids to large scale arts festivals is more thrilling in theory, and at times it is the train trip or ice creams that end up being the most memorable part of the day. It is a welcome surprise to come across a world class curated exhibition that not only welcomes the wild, curious, loud and generous spirit of children but also invites them to inhabit, translate, interact and contribute to the work in real ways. The 18th Biennale of Sydney absolutely surpassed our BIG expectations and lived up to its goals of provoking interaction, collaboration, shared experience and the telling of new stories.  

While the BIG Kids did love the free ferry ride to Cockatoo Island AND spent the first half an hour rolling down a small hill on arrival, we were unanimous in declaring it a brilliant day of immersive, interactive, unusual, inspiring and unexpected arts experiences. We had an absolute ball and will be returning for the School Holiday Program Monday, 9 July – Friday, 13 July (drop in 10.30 am–12 pm and 1–3 pm FREE!). You can download the kids audio tour here or pick up the Kids Trail activity booklet on arrival.

Ann Veronica Janssens
Daydream, 2012
"Is it okay for me to get really wet in here mum? I can't believe this, are you serious that someone made this for me to get wet in? How can someone actually make real mist? Is this magic or real?"
Twyla, age 3
Sriwhana Spong
Learning Duets, 2012
They swam in silk for a time finding each other through the soft of it
and becoming friends all over again. 
Ann Veronica Janssens
The sound of many hands pushing and finding 
mirrors of exchange with small fingers pressed into strangers and a shared rush of allowing and exploring and permission to enter the encounter all together, without restraint. So much joyous sound.
Phillip BeasleyHylozoic Series, Sybyl, 2012
Erin Manning
Stitching Time - A collective fashioning
Phillip BeasleyHylozoic Series, Sybyl, 2012
"Can you believe that this wing can
listen to my hand moving?" Twyla, age 3

In the cloud room. Dreaming

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  1. Absolutely wonderful! Just wish I could be there with my overseas granddaughter. This BIG kid's Inner Child loves kid's art activities, especially seeing the children interacting with the works, and the artworks they produce in response. GoMA in Brisbane does this so superbly on a regular basis, with it's fantastic purpose-built Children's Art Centre. Wonderful photos, and thanks for all you do in encouraging the fostering of children's (and big kids') creativity, BIG.


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