Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Paper dolls on the BIG studio floor

We are late-night magazine making again.  Side by side across the country where stories are painted and  paintings are whispered back in words. Some of the final pages to land are the worlds born between us. Below are the first in process glimpses of the Grumpi's for the Game On! edition.

 I see pull apart paper dolls with holes and space for imagination and bravery unbroken... make me a dress from paintings and poetry she says...lina and lotta spin coloured thread from the frayed string and stitch the outlines and shadows of a thousand girls ...

Twyla, age 3.5 paints a prototype of the Gumpi dolls for Game On! 
"I hope Joey likes these" says Twyla. Very much.
The Grumpi's on their way, born of Lilly's images and Jo's words for their collaborative BIG Books That Grow project
And we HAD to show you the paper dolls on the Picking Daisies blog of our 12 yr old BIG Feature writer Zali (you might even WIN a custom made doll here if you are super quick!)

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  1. I LOVE paper dolls! Your ones are gorgeous. I even have a couple of books on making paper dolls!


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