Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Curious map-making and a stunning artist redefining pathways

Chuckery by Alexandra Harrison
"He will wish you good day and then ask "Do you want a reply slip"? Which of course, you do, and it will say "Don't drive cars ride bikes,"  and after that your feet will have wings.

The landscape of magazine-making trips up conventions of time. All at once we are still following trails of edition two: Treasure Maps, proofing pages for edition three: Game On! and finding our way so fast Into The Dark with edition FOUR (and we will not mention the seedling sprouting for edition FIVE...no we won't!)

Suffice to say it has been a BIG few weeks.  Circumnavigating the time difference planning from Perth to Sydney, we enjoyed a quick collision in Melbourne to watch the performance work of Treasure Maps artist Alexandra Harrison in her futures festival of "What's Coming". Her divine portrait maps, as featured in our current edition were part of the set design and the actual magazine even made a cameo appearance in her performance lecture! BIG is now available for sale at Dancehouse. 
BIG idea: Turn an old map into the most curious face you can imagine. Cut along old roads, rivers and train lines to create a new portrait and then give it a name.

A new BIG word from Alex:  Hodology
 "I fell in love with it when I heard it. Hodology is the study of pathways"

Maps choreograph. 
What does a future map look like?
Can you dance before you know where you are?
Can you know where you are and still dance?
Excerpt from the performance lecture There is No Line by Alexandra Harrison and David Turnbull

All photographs by Emma Fishwick

Alex Harrison in "What's Coming" 

What are the top three skills you need in this (theatre)industry?
I think curiosity, rigor and endurance
What advice would you give anyone looking to break into your field?
It’s a field – you don’t need to break in – you just need to wander over
When do you know you’ve made it?
 There is no it. There is no arrival or there are constant arrivals – and departures. And if there is an it, it’s not about never being satisfied and it’s not about constantly measuring success – it’s about cultivating, following and sharing your interest. It’s about being interested. And continuing. (Profile of Alexandra Harrison, Arts Hub, 7/12)


  1. Have just discovered Bigkids, and adore concept. As an artist based in Perth with two young daughters, I'm now eagerly awaiting the arrival of issues 2 and 3 to share with them!

  2. BTW, what exactly is the Mother Artist Network, as it sounds right up my alley?!


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