Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Issue 3 - Holding it in our hands.

Lilly's BIG preview copy arrived before mine and so, like with First Flight, we shared the opening of Game On! via Skype. How things have got BIGGER since that very first sighting one year ago when we saw each other for the first time in 12 years!

When our copy finally landed in Perth it was an incredible relief to watch our senior ed engrossed in the pages. He poured over each article and artwork and gave it a very concentrated thumbs up. Today he pulled it out again, standing to spin around 10 times like the prompt he invented and gathering lego counters to play the pages- Game On! indeed.
"Definitely the best yet"
Studying the cover in 3D... (notice the littlest BIG girl in on the action in the Skype window!)

Luca gathered lego counters at the ready to play Rob and Ben Kimmel's 'Spacerace' and the the next morning there was a galaxy inspired drawing on the table...

Engrossed in the adventures of Boatbird

Lilly holds up the BIG three! 
 Less than two weeks until the first BIG mailout of Issue 3: 
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