Sunday, November 18, 2012


"Kids Inspire us. They are curious, impulsive, in awe of the world around them, whimsical and funny. We are awed by their ceaseless originality, courage and exuberance. The creative spirit inspires us. We are compelled by the impulse to imagine, the ability to conceive and actualize, and the discoveries that occur within the process of creating." Mini & Maximus

The Falling Icebergs owl from Issue 1 of BIG Kids Magazine has taken flight with the wonderful
MINI & MAXIMUS.  We are thrilled that Sophie and Megan stumbled across and LOVED our image enough to include it in their BOOYAH COLLECTION of very cool sweatshirts, t-shirts and a super cute onesie...(we have already got a couple of new mother-artists in mind for a BIG pressie!)

For a moment we wondered if this was the right direction for our BIG work as we have strong feelings about some contemporary fashion options for children that take them so far beyond their years, or strongly stereotype them by gender. We LOVE Mini & Maximus and as you can see they are far more than a fashion line -  drawing inspiration from children and artists, and creating an incredibly cool eco friendly product that is made for real life PLAY.

Watch out for a BIG Mini & Maximus giveaway COMING SOON!

Image by Lilly Blue
"He uses his words to protect
himself from falling icebergs" By Luca, age 9

From Issue 3 of BIG Kids Magazine
Game On! 

"We believe we are all in this together, that this world belongs to all of us, and that our choices should reflect our concerns for the future. We believe we all need to nurture and care for the world we share. We like the forefront. We like trailblazing and pushing ahead. We like shaking things up, thinking outside the box and re-considering the status quo. We like keeping things fresh, vibrant, playful and unexpected. We want to inspire the little rebels that have inspired us; the ones that smudge food all over their face, draw all over our walls, and always help us see the world around us in new way." Mini & Maximus

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