Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New to our BIG team is Ruby, age 13

Our BIG kids do such an amazing job. Some shine behind the scenes and others on the printed page. Ruby is our latest edition, and at age 13 has already made her mark in the BIG team with a published article in her school magazine (about BIG of course!) She is an intrepid reporter and a BIG thinker. We loved her thoughts on FRIENDSHIP and moving from primary school from high school:

Self portrait by Ruby, age 13.

This year I started at a very big, 
very busy place, this place is called high school. Coming from a school with 59 students I wasn't sure how a place with over 1000 students worked (especially ones who were so much bigger than me). There were only 5 year sixes whenI graduated primary. When I started high school I knew one person. Over thecourse of the year I have tried to find a 'best friend', I have made lotsof 'just friends' along the way. Turns out, my best friends are all still at my primary school. My best friends are both in year 5. I just really want kids everywhere to know that its ok not to have your best friend at school with you. Your best friend doesn't have to be the same age,same look, live in the same area. Nothing! Your best friend is the person who laughs with you, smiles with you and has a great time with you. One of the most important things to me is that kids everywhere know that its ok to be friends with whoever you like, regardless what other people think.

Bravery is...the courage to say what you think and letting nothing stop you from doing what you think is right.
Imagination is...seeing thinking nobody else would dream of.
Generosity is...helping people be brave and imaginative.

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