Sunday, December 16, 2012

True Treasure by Elenor Stephenson, age 11

True Treasure 
Treasure seeker by Lilly Blue

Azure seas stretch out before me,
Forested hills rise and fall,
Wild winds howl in a ghostly rhythm
I feel the call.

The spirit of greed sings, “Come,”
The lure of treasure beckons,
I will search forever,
For all my living seconds.

I journey endlessly,
Not learning,
Never thinking,
Just yearning,

For something non-existent,
For something that’s not there.
Riches. The rest?
I do not care.

The seas?
They are of people.
The hills?
They are no more.
The wind is just the sounds of cars.
The ‘call’ had a flaw.

I see now.
Treasure. Nature. Find it.

by Elenor Stephenson, age, 11

I am eleven years old and will go to high school next year. I have three siblings: Anna, Ingrid and Gabriel. I am very interested in volcanoes, the environment and socialism. I like school and my favourite subject is Human Society and Its Environment and Science, because learning about your surroundings helps you to make the world a better place. My favourite colour is blue like the sea after a storm or green like the leaves of a snow gum. My favourite place on earth is Mt Ngauruhoe in New Zealand which is a volcano I visited when I was ten.

BRAVERY is facing your fears and standing up for what you know is right even if it is hard, 
never being discouraged just because you do not feel like you fit in.

IMAGINATION is the essence of creativity and the fuel of wonder. It is being able to create pictures and stories in your mind and to make other feel them too.

GENEROSITY is giving things up, even when it is a big sacrifice, or when no one is there to see.


  1. Just a correction a year on, I meant social justice, as opposed to socialism.
    And thank you Frockfarie: I will write as much as possible, although finding time in my busy high school schedule might be more difficult than before, but I suppose there is always time to write.

  2. Brilliant work Elinor - very thought provoking.

  3. There are some great moments in this poem. I love it! :)


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