Thursday, March 28, 2013

MAN - A brand new mother artist (PG rating)

"I feel very much like I am calmly walking towards an abyss of sorts, into the dark indeed.
I have so loved the MAN festival these people's work/life and the day-to-day accumulations. 
Oh it starts to make sense, I start to see a way". Alexandra Harrison.
8 months pregnant
Last week
Kicking, belly down
(me in the pool,
the it in me)
Waiting for the introduction
For a sign, for a ray
A choreography of meltdowns
And small revivals
Yesterday I was ready
Today I am begging for time
This build-up is not curated
Oh there is a date
But give or take
Or give and take
Yet? They ask me
Anticipation is pressure

And the artist is worried
The artist is lost
The artist is gardener
The artist is cook
The artist creates order
The artist cleans and cleans and cleans
The artist is still, sometimes,
Backyard dancer
And the artist falls apart
The artist does not know
How to keep every moment holy
Nor leap fences like she used to
The artist is barely a lover
The artist is not a mother

(Before the 23rd of December)

Alex working on her artist's response for the Child Artist Response Project that will feature alongside the provocations of Ruby, age 12 in the pages of Issue 4, Into The dark. 

Rainer Mallee  - born 23rd December 2012, named on Christmas day.

"A manchild, long and lovely, 55cm, and 4.1kg. These numbers seem important and make the eyebrows of the midwives shoot up. All's well, we're out of hiding, but going slow". 

Rainer in his BIG designed romper for Mini And Maximus taking in the fans at the National Dance Forum!

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  1. Raw honesty with such an eloquence and beauty - Thank you Alex


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