Friday, November 19, 2010

Grumpilotta in the night

Grumpilotta gives up the sorrows from her skirts for the stars to burn as fuel to flame the sky.

The Grumpy Ladies have stayed with me since they were first imagined between us. I watch, concerned, as children are sent a clear message that certain feelings are more encouraged than others, some grumpy monkeys thrown out into the rain to make way for the princes and queens of docile light and bright. Little ones are only just finding their way amongst the galaxies of emotions, practicing, performing and polishing their melodies. I feel it is too soon to discard the darker ones in favor of sounds that are easier on grown up ears. We live in a Many Coloured World and Dr Seuss reminds us that some days are yellow, some days are blue, on different days I am different too!

So welcome to BIG Grumpy Ladies, I get the feeling you have a story or two to tell...........

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