Monday, November 22, 2010

Welcome: BIG goes live on facebook

To the middle of the beginning of BIG Kids Magazine and the BIG blog.

This BIG site charts the 'making of a magazine'. Here you will see the work in process of two artists, founder Jo Pollitt, and central collaborator Lilly Blue, as we journey toward publishing many voices in the first issue of BIG Kids Magazine, set for launch in 2011.

The artistic processes, conversations and business renderings associated with our journey to publication are openly detailed as we research and write, respond and collect the submissions, characters and worlds of small and large ideas that will become BIG.

the flagship gatherer
At this particular landing, you'll find us already in full sail. If you are interested in the shifting seas that swept us to this point, scroll down to the very first post "The invitation" and read from there.

We invite you to respond in the comments as you read, to move with us as we take the plunge into all that we don't exactly yet know, and all that we do.

Jo and Lilly

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