Friday, June 10, 2011

A BIG Update

As it was.
As it is.
It has been a massive few weeks as my desk on the left can attest.  I am not afraid of working in a sea of paper, it drives my sailing somehow, but even for me it was getting a little deep. It took a night of fever and a slow spiral into sickness to pre-empt collapse - I shut my computer and started sorting.

Turns out my intuition served me well. After several days out of action I returned to quietly waiting clarity and calm. I thanked myself for stemming the overflow, and for leaving a map of where we had been in the form of a running long list of 3 single A4 pages. 

As we get closer to the actual making of this magazine, gathering content and confirming artists, kids, projects and collaborations, we increasingly find support in form and structure. Though both Lilly and I are big on remaining open to possibilities, we embrace the structure and rigor required in attending to a  mountain of seemingly insurmountable tasks. There is order in the BIG house. There is now too much information, too many contributors, too many emails, too many birds, too many flight plans and too many near misses for us to hesitate in the overwhelm. We are still finding our way absolutely, but we tackle the hard parts head on, as well dwelling in the collaborative creative process between us that fires this whole BIG thing on a daily basis. We work responsively to continuously provoke, listen, surprise, and keep track of each other (and to get things done)!

We are currently working on a BIG guest post at the invitation of a fabulous blogger, the creation of an irresistible colouring page for an amazing children's organisation, some BIG business form-filling, and a Top Secret assignment with our Junior editors at the helm. Our media kit is on it's way to all kinds of places - if you'd like one let us know. It's time to get the BIG word out. We are about 8weeks away from going to PRINT. Full steam ahead.
The littlest BIG assistant lends a hand

The BIG kit fronts up for first mail out- email info@bigkidsmagazine if you'd like one!


  1. Dropping in from Rewind to wish you great success.

    What a marvelous venture.

  2. This all sounds so exciting! I wish you the best of luck with it


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