Wednesday, November 23, 2011

News of the BIG MAN and setting up shop in Sydney and Perth

Lilly and I have braved the frontline. We have experienced the BIG ship on the ground, set up fete tables both in Sydney and Perth, and enjoyed being among the families who took to the BIG ship with surprise, interest and enthusiastic boat building. We loved watching the creative process of each child as they re-imagined the cover-ship and revelled in sharing the story of our collaboration to the intrigued passers by.  Thanks so much to St Brigid's College of Lesmurdie in Perth and Lady Game Community Kindergarten in Sydney for such warm welcoming.

Meanwhile in the BIG offices, we have some very exciting news to share: our brand new MAN - The Mother Artist Network will be launched on Friday by the brilliant Rachel Power, author of The Divided Heart: Art and Motherhood (Hooray!) A shared lounge for creative mothers everywhere, the MAN is a creative and conversational space that shares stories, invites contributions and tells it like it is.  It is for you. Please join us.

We cannot wait now to formally open the door to the next edition - Treasure Maps and very soon will reveal our incredible cover artists. If you haven't subscribed yet you can do it here. (And we will even include a Christmas note if it is for a gift - just write your message in the special notes when you pay)
SYDNEY: Twyla ready for action
PERTH: The BIG boys prepare for the action with toffee and cash tin close by.
PERTH: End of the day and the boys set up a breakaway stall - seems the senior ed and his sidekick have it under control!

PERTH: Ships of all ages
PERTH: "Can I draw the sea and my fish under the rock, actually it is a shark"
PERTH: Side by side
PERTH: kids in process
SYDNEY: "Can I draw this boat for free?"
SYDNEY: Side by Side
SYDNEY: The girl with the lady beetle tattoo came back three times!


  1. I love that half-boat idea, and I love even more the "can I draw for free" comment.

    (I've just discovered your magazine, it sounds neat!)

  2. We love the look of your work too Diana :)
    So glad you found the BIG ship...send in your treasure!


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