Monday, March 26, 2012

Treasure Maps Revealed! The Second BIG Edition.

We are so excited to release the 2nd edition of BIG Kids Magazine - Treasure Maps. We have worked beyond what either of us thought possible and are thrilled to finally present these amazing contributions and creative projects mapped by artists and children around the world.  Our cover artists are the incredible Jacqui Stockdale, and the equally surprising and inspired young Makaela, aged 8. Together we think they have produced a cover that tells of stories, dreams and histories both real and imagined. 

BIG stands for Bravery, Imagination, Generosity and is for kids and BIG kids everywhere.  You can subscribe or purchase online here now or visit our stockists next week. Please share the link with your friends and let us know when you find the Treasure! We very much want this new publication to be scribbled on and marked in myriad ways by BIG and little hands alike.

Complete your own cover page! 
We very much look forward to your response and thank you so much for your support of this dream to connect the visions, responses, provocations and celebrations of children and artists side by side. 
xx Jo and Lilly, Luca and the BIG team


  1. Hi there,
    I am glad you got found out about Mini&Maximus on my blog. Will keep my eye out for the new issue soon!

  2. We can't wait to get our copy in the mail! Corrina, Jesse, Ruby and Curtis Tough.


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