Sunday, October 28, 2012

A BIG blogiversary and our MAN

Two years of blogging and we celebrated our 'blogiversary' side by side in Perth amid the arrival of thousands of Game on! magazines. Perfect timing and a year since we launched our First Flight.

We read back over the first post, the invitation and the response and remember all it has taken to arrive here as we watch our girls frolic and play together. They were just 10 months and 22 months old when we started this BIG venture. Crazy, Yes! They have been incredible markers of time, and alongside deadlines, magazine making and business wrangling we have shared transitions and stages of breast feeding, big girl beds, toddler tantrums, scribbles and emerging graphite faces and even very first steps.
Nadia and Twyla at the door to the next BIG year ahead
It is a perfectly BIG week to take us into our third year of working side by side as we celebrate the launch of  Game ON! and tackle the massive subscriber mailout. We are also excited to finally launch our mini MAN blog Festival on Sunday 4th November. Such a response we have received to the birth of this Mother Artist Network it has been overwhelming and we are SO HAPPY to have found a fellow researcher and Mother Artist in Vivienne Rogis who has taken on the MAN with great gusto that we are absolutely thrilled to announce her as guest editor for this inaugural MAN Festival.
Ringing the bell at the very start of this third BIG year together.  

We remember when we tried to cut the yellow dragon from the website animation and being overruled by the BIG kids editors...thanks guys! To this day we are learning on the job. A learning curve like no other. A collaboration of epic (Luca's word) proportions. Thanks for sharing it with us x 

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