Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Boekie Boekie

We are thrilled to have been invited to create a work for the very beautiful Boekie Boekie, a Dutch children's  magazine that has been running for 21 years and has 88 published issues! The creators of the magazine have also created a wonderful project called Poem Express where children from all over the world make Poem Posters. 

Together we worked responsively to develop words and an image inspired by the theme of Pinocchio/Pinokkio that will be featured in Issue 89.  

No Strings Attached

walk me into the world 
and wait while I think

breathe into my bones 
so I can speak

give me time to stand up 
after foal-like sink

carve space in my joints 
to new worlds undone

attach strings to my heart 
and see how I run

Concept and content for images, words and the space between them by Lilly Blue and Jo Pollitt.Copyright 2012.


  1. As a Dutch fan of BIG I couldn't be more pleased! What a great surprise!!

    1. Hurrah! We are so excited at this creative exchange...we LOVE Boekie Boekie :)


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