Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A map in the making - mother and son

Treasure Words

"It stopped raining, it's a great day for worms! Lets dig!", he shouts
then begins to sing, "out there in a world outside of Yonkers....". He
pauses then asks, "What's Yonkers?"

"It's a city in New York", I reply.

" they have puppet shows in Yonkers?"

"I don't know, I suppose they do", I say.

(He digs a few holes, but finds no worms)

"HEY! I know, lets bury some treasure!", he shouts.

We run home to get a container and the camera. He puts a bouncy ball
in the container and closes the lid. He digs a hole in the far corner
of the playground, places the container in the hole, buries it then
marks the spot with 3 small rocks.

"These are the clues", he says in a stern voice, "Go to the back of
the playground. Go left. In the corner by 3 rocks", then adds, 
"I'll draw a MAP"!

Buried Treasure

Treasure Map
Satchel, age 5

Pirate Ship
Satchel, age 5

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  1. Satchel is very excited to see his work on your blog. He said, "It feels awesome!" Thank you for all that you do,


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